Event poster for Cognitive Science senior comps presentations

Senior comprehensive project poster presentations.


Devoney Amberg: The Overlap Between Specific Language Impairment and Bilingualism: Enhancing Our Understanding of Language Processing

Erin Ball: Moral Decision-Making in the Brain

Isaiah Bird: An Analysis on Mirror Neurons

Michael Caballero: The Limitations of Language's Reach in Cognition

Annalie Virginia Dern: Memory in Dissociative Identity Disorder: The Impacts of Trauma on Explicit Recall

Isabel Geddes: Reflecting on the Limitations of the Cognitive Reflection Test

Alexis Hale: Supporting Students with ADHD in the Classroom: Evaluating Existing Services and Suggesting Improvements

Cassia Harrison: Audio-Visual Illusory Susceptibility: Cognitive Differences and Modulatory Effects

Sarah Hofmann: Contextualizing Evidence for Plant Intelligence

Jessamine Cerina Jeter: Metaphor Comprehension: Impact of Sign Language, Language Impairments, and Multilingualism Research

Neeharika S. Kadavakolanu: Behavioral Biometrics: Uniquely Identifying Users for Fraud Prevention

Betsy Li: Street Drug to Antidepressant: Ketamine's Mechanism and Potential Long-Term Effects

Ellen McDermott: Virtual Reality: Long-Term Behavioral Effects

Perrin Shyne: Discovering the Mental Network of Narrative Comprehension

Peri Wallent: How Does Social Media Impact News Consumption?

Sally Xinle Zhou: Cognitive Impact of Bilingualism on Arithmetic Operations

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