Event poster for Computer Science senior comps presentations

Senior comprehensive project poster presentations.


Sara Bawale: Speed Dating for Fonts: Using Machine Learning to Create Pleasing Font Combinations

Ethan Chen: Improving Rendering Performance and Space Complexity by Combining Reversed Path Tracing and Sorted Deferred Rendering

Julian Chan: The End-to-End Product Development of a Full-Stack Web App: Providing a Better Alternative to Ratemyprofessors.com

Jacob Farner: Analog Waveform Synthesis in the context of Musical Instruments

Hope Fowler: A Consideration of Empathy

Allie Frank: Immersive Design: a Theatrical Approach to Indie Video Game Development

Alexis Hale: Building a Video Game with Automated Processes: Artificial Intelligence and Procedural Generation

Dan Huth: Algorithm Optimization in the Context of Factorization Theory

Malvika Khanna: Providing an Easily Accessible Interface to Autonomize Water Rights by Implementing a Visualization Tool Using Multi-Decade Remotely-Sensed Satellite Data

Brian Li: Hybrid, the Most Favored Type of System, for Online Movie Streaming Recommendations

Logan McIntrye: Computer Graphics for Interactive Media

Teagan Mucher: Mitigating Engagement with False News Stories on Twitter Through Intervention

Courtney Nelson: The Development of a Partially Self-Driving Golf Cart using Ranging Sensors and Real Time Data Analysis

Max Peng: Predicting Wildfire Cause and Burn Area Using Machine Learning

Leopold Ringmayr: Classification of skin lesions via neural networks:How deep learning can improve medical diagnosis and raise health data literacy

Xio Rodriguez: Social Network Analysis on the Online Zapatista Support Network

Joey Sortino: Sculpting the Interactive, Audio-Visual World for a Digital, Psychological Thriller Experience

Jade Wu: DNA: A Replacement for Silicon

Jan Yan: Image Compression on Paintings from Abstract to Realism

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