Regular Faculty

Professor Kathryn Leonard

Kathryn Leonard, Chair

Professor, Computer Science
B.S., University of New Mexico; M.S., Ph.D., Brown University
Kathryn Leonard studies geometric models for computer graphics, computer vision, and data analysis. 
Professor Celia Chen

Celia Chen

Assistant Professor, Computer Science
B.S., Indiana University, Bloomington; P.h.D., USC
Celia Chen’s research focuses on systems and software engineering, specifically on unorthodox modeling to measure and improve software quality using natural language processing.
Professor Justin Li

Justin Li

Assistant Professor, Cognitive Science and Computer Science
B.S., Northwestern University; Ph.D, University of Michigan
Justin Li teaches in cognitive science and computer science, and is interested in how people and artificial agents perform knowledge search.

On Special Appointment

Hsing-Hau Chen

Non-Tenure Track Assistant Professor, Computer Science
B.A., B.S., M.S., National Taiwan University; M.S., Ph.D., Computer Science, University of Southern California

Paul David

Non-Tenure Track Assistant Professor, Computer Science
B.S., USC; M.S., P.h.D., Claremont Graduate University
Professor Alan Knoerr

Alan Knoerr

Associate Professor, Mathematics, Cognitive Science, Emeritus
B.A., Oberlin College; Sc.M., Ph.D., Brown University
Alan Knoerr is an applied mathematician who teaches a broad range of courses in mathematics; he also teaches in the cognitive science and computer science programs.
Professor Jeffrey Miller

Jeffrey Miller

Non-Tenure Track Assistant Professor, Mathematics, Computer Science
B.S. UC Davis; M.A., Ph.D., UC Santa Barbara

Ümit Yalçinalp

Non-Tenure Track Assistant Professor, Computer Science
B.S., Middle East Technical University; M.S., Ph.D., Case Western Reserve University