Gender, Women, & Sexuality Studies

The Gender, Women, & Sexuality Studies (GWSS) minor at Oxy is an interdisciplinary program that encourages students of all majors to study the construction of gender, the lives of women, and the range of sexualities, in local and global contexts.

There is no monolithic approach to the study of gender, women, and sexuality. Courses for the GWSS minor extend throughout the liberal arts and sciences, allowing you to critically analyze gender, women, and sexuality from an array of disciplinary and philosophical perspectives. The minor also emphasizes the intersections of gender and sexuality with other aspects of identity and systems of oppression, including race and class. You’ll be encouraged to engage in dialogue with other students and faculty from across campus around complex issues of difference, inequality, power, and privilege.

The study of gender, women, and sexuality is an excellent complement to any major on campus. When you complete GWSS minor, the critical thinking, analytical and communication skills you’ll develop will be applicable to a wide variety of careers and graduate and professional programs, extending to the fields of social services, government, community development, and business.

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