Inafa’maolek Solidarity: Filipino Allyship for a Decolonized Guåhan," A talk by Prof. Kristin Oberiano, Department of History, Wesleyan University. Wednesday, November 1st, 4:05 to 5:30 in Bioscience 113

"The Pacific island of Guåhan is the land of the Indigenous CHamoru people. This unincorporated territory – read “colony” of the United States— is also home to thousands of Filipinos who have settled on the island. This talk examines the relationships between CHamorus and Filipinos to think about the dynamics of settler militarism within the US empire. It posits that solidarities between CHamorus and Filipinos could be forged around the CHamoru ethos of inafa’maolek – literally translated “to make good.” Inafa’maolek is the CHamoru ethos of reciprocal relationships that bound an individual to one’s family and community. This talk will show how Filipinos historically and presently ground themselves in inafa’maolek relations to be allies for a decolonized Guåhan."

This talk is supported by the Humanities for Just Communities, the History Department, and the Department of Asian Studies. Please wear a mask.