The purpose of the RPAS is to assure that all projects submitted on behalf of Occidental College are in alignment with the College’s mission and conform with institutional administrative and fiscal policies.

The Request for Proposal Approval and Submission (RPAS) is a MSWord® document and is designed to be easy to complete.  Please note that you are accessing it here through Google Docs so, when you first click on it, it will open but it will not be writable. You will need to either open it in Google Docs (use "open with" tab at the top center) or download it (using the download arrow on the tool bar) to open the document in Word in order to make it writable. In either format, you should click in the first text box (PI Last Name) and then use the TAB key to move through the form, each text box will expand as you type in it.  Completing each field will make it easier to secure approval for your submission.

The RPAS must be reviewed by several people and may require a request for further information from you; therefore, please submit it at least 10 business days! before your proposal is due.  All proposal documentation (RPAS, budget, narrative, RFP, etc) needs to be submitted together even if only in draft form!  Please note: An RPAS is required for a pre-proposal, but please check with the grants office about budgets for pre-proposals - those may not be necessary.   Once you have completed the form, save it to your computer or network space, then email it to sro@oxy.edu and copy Jaletta White-Griego at grants@oxy.edu. Be sure that you include a summary of the project and a draft budget (budget should be in Excel format) along with the RFP/Solicitation/or agency call for proposals. We cannot issue approval for submission unless the purpose of the grant is known and the budget has been reviewed. You may print the RPAS for your own records, but submission of a hard copy is not required.  If your proposal is for grants.gov or NSF Fastlane or other sites requiring on-line submission, please be sure to notify the SRO of your deadline so that we can have someone available for the final submission.

Other important information:

RPAS Cost Sharing Information Form