Student Voices is a blog run by the Office of Admission, where current students write about various experiences including academics, sports, student groups, and other extracurricular activities. Hear what our students have to say.

Jule KR '25
PULSE: The Heartbeat of Oxy's Dance Community

Jule Kilgore-Reed ’25 is paving the way for the future of PULSE, the dynamic and inclusive dance organization on campus. 

Margaret Seaney 2025
Building Community at Oxy: My Experience with Alpha

What does Greek Life look like at Occidental? Margaret Seaney '25 shares her story about joining one of the College's two sororities. 

Ruby K-Tigers
Finding Confidence and Community with K-Tigers: The K-Pop Dance Troupe at Occidental

It all started with a message on Instagram. How Ruby Peeler '26 went from joining, to co-leading, the first and only K-pop dance group at Oxy. 

Sadie MAC blog picture
Studying Film and TV in the Media Epicenter of the U.S.

Occidental's Media Arts & Culture (MAC) major is the only liberal arts film and media department in the country located in a major metropolitan area; that major metropolitan area just happens to be Los Angeles, California. 

Exploring Diplomacy & World Affairs Through Web Development: My Journey at Occidental College

Jonathan’s senior comprehensive website project showcases his interdisciplinary interests in website development and international relations, and the culmination of his studies and experiences at Occidental College.

Four staff members from Project SAFE posing together at a table
Project Safe: Building a Culture of Consent at Occidental

Students and staff alike continue to establish an environment of care and accountability at Oxy, through trainings including what healthy relationships look and feel like, how to create boundaries and navigating interpersonal and sexual violence. 

Zelie Goldberg
Shooting for the Stars Through Undergrad Research

As a sophomore double majoring in Physics and Media Arts & Culture (MAC), Zelie Goldberg Little knew she wanted to do research, but was surprised to find an opportunity was just an email away.

Embracing the Busy: The Life of a Student Athlete

For some, juggling varsity athletics, a job in admissions, a rigorous courseload and more might feel like too much. For Audrey Krishnadasan '25, it's just another day at Occidental. 

Studying Abroad at Occidental

In the spring of her junior year, Lena Sullivan '23 spent a life-altering semester abroad in Ecuador where she gained a wider perspective of the world and studied Indigenous environmentalism up close. 

Darius Amir
Occidental's InternLA Program

Learn more about InternLA—Occidental's annual paid internship program—and the Hameetman Career Center! Read on to hear Oxy student Darius Amir ('23) recount his experience first-hand with InternLA; from the support at Occidental's Career Center, to the interview process, to the work itself right here in LA.  

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