A few reminders about the availability of COVID testing on campus this fall.

Good afternoon Oxy community,

I wanted to send a couple of reminders about the availability of COVID testing on campus:
COVID Testing Location and Hours
  • Emmons Wellness Center
  • Monday - Friday 9:00 am - noon & 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
  • Occasionally Emmons will be closed to attend mandatory all-staff meetings or training. In these instances, we will send an alert out to campus indicating our altered hours for that day.
  • Please allow enough time to get your COVID test. Emmons can get crowded and has limited staff to administer tests. Each test takes at least 15-minutes, but your waiting time may be longer depending on testing demand.
Who is eligible for on-campus COVID testing?
  • All students experiencing symptoms.
  • All students who were exposed to COVID, whether the exposure happened on-campus or not. Any exposure to a COVID-positive case counts as an exposure for students.
  • Any employee who was exposed to a COVID-positive case at work (whether that work was performed on-campus or not).
Where else can COVID tests be accessed after-hours or on weekends?
  • Emmons currently uses rapid antigen tests, which are also available at pharmacies and online retailers.
  • Search for a testing site near you.
  • If you have at-home antigen tests that are expired, check here first before you throw them out - they might still be good!
  • If your test wasn't done at Emmons, please alert covidops@oxy.edu of your positivity so we can complete contact-tracing and advise on isolation dates.
Thank you,

Devon Sakamoto, MPH
Assistant Dean of Students for Emmons Wellness Center