The College announces its plan for providing financial support for Federal Work Study and Oxy Work Award students.

Dear Oxy Students,

As you know, the College has pledged that we would provide financial support for work-study students affected by the move to remote learning. For the last two weeks, we have been navigating these complex issues, which require coordination with multiple departments and considerable data gathering to account for the wide variety of individual student circumstances.

This support is directed only to those students who have Federal Work Study and/or an Occidental Work Award as part of their financial aid package. We recognize that while many students hold jobs on campus, the College has a compelling obligation to meet our commitment to those students on need-based financial aid. 

The following applies to all Federal Work Study and Oxy Work Award students, with the exception of those who had already exhausted their awards, or have not worked at all this spring semester.

Students who continue to work, either in-person or remotely, will be paid bi-weekly as they record their actual hours worked on their timesheets through the end of the semester. If their earnings between March 20 and end of the semester don’t total $775, they will be paid the difference (unless they have already exhausted their award).

Compensation for students who have not exhausted their annual award and have been unable to continue to work will be a lump sum payment of up to $775 (which represents one-quarter of the $3,100 maximum annual award, as three-quarters of the year has passed). Depending on how much they have already earned, some students may receive less than $775 so as not to exceed their total award. This lump-sum payment will be made by Tuesday, April 7 via the same process that the student elected to receive their prior paycheck. If they elected to use direct deposit, it will be processed that way. If they collected a paper check, the check will be generated and the payroll office will email the student to confirm the student’s preferred mailing address.

There are a small number of students for whom we need additional information from their supervisors to determine a fair and reasonable payment amount. The HR office will be following up with those students directly.

Do not hesitate to contact our office should you have any questions. We all look forward to seeing you again, very soon!

Warmest regards,

Randy Glazer
Associate Vice President
Chief HR Officer