Guidance for Employees 65 and Over

A recommendation from Human Resources for employees who are older than age 65 and/or have chronic health conditions to stay home during this time.

Dear Oxy Faculty and Staff,

Consistent with Governor Newsom’s recent announcement, we strongly encourage employees who have reached age 65 and/or those with chronic health conditions to stay home during this time.

As Governor Newsom said Sunday, “We are calling for the home isolation of all seniors in the State of California. We are calling for the home isolation of all of those 65 years and older and those with chronic conditions….we need to meet this moment head on and lean in, not isolate ourselves to this moment, but lean in and own this moment and take actions that we think are commensurate with the need to protect the most vulnerable Californians.”

For those employees whose job duties permit them to work remotely, ITS has developed this website which provides resources to assist you.

Employees who work remotely will be paid for all work time. For those employees who are unable to work remotely (either because of the nature of their work, a medical condition, or other permitted reason), for this week and until further notice, they will be paid for their regular work hours in accordance with their normal schedule.

The needs of our employees are an integral part of our business continuity planning and strategy for working remotely during this time. Employees are encouraged to speak with Human Resources should they have a chronic health condition that requires modification to the current work arrangement.

For our unionized workforce, we will be communicating directly with your union concerning this issue. Our preference is to apply this policy regardless of whether an employee is or is not a union member.

If there are any employees who are either not in a position represented by a union or are unclear about this, please contact me to discuss this further.


Randy Glazer
Associate Vice President & Chief Human Resources Officer