Timesheet Approval for Employees Paid Hourly

An update for supervisors of hourly employees and hourly employees themselves about submitting their hours today, the end of the current payroll cycle.

Dear Supervisors of Employees Paid Hourly and Employees Paid Hourly,

The end of this payroll cycle is today for employees paid for each hour worked (i.e., not salaried). Employees paid hourly should record hours as soon as possible, upon completing their work.  Supervisors of employees paid hourly should sign timesheets directly upon receipt so that we can ensure that the employee is paid.

We will be running payroll for hourly employees who have submitted timesheets and whose timesheets are approved.

  • if a timesheet is not completed by the employee and submitted to the employee's supervisor, the employee will not be paid because we do not know the number of hours that the employee worked.
  • If a timesheet is not approved by the supervisor (or approver, if one has been previously established), the employee will not be paid because we do not know the number of hours that the employee worked.

To clarify, this guidance is specifically for employees paid by each hour worked, and for supervisors of these employees. Employees paid a salary submit leave reports, and do not need to complete the leave reports today.

I want to emphasize that employees will be paid, but only after timesheets have been completed and approved by the supervisor. Timing is essential, so that people are paid as soon as possible.  Please, everyone, complete timesheets directly after hours worked today and, supervisors, please sign timesheets immediately upon receipt so that the employee's work information is included in this week's payroll run.  If it is submitted too late for this payroll period, the employee will be paid on a subsequent payroll run when the timesheet is completed, approved and submitted.

Thank you,
Randy Glazer