Updated policy on move-out financial assistance

This post outlines the support that is being offered for students’ incremental move-out expenses.

Room and Board Refunds:

The College is currently finalizing the process by which it will administer prorated room and board refunds. Read our update on work study awards.

Financial Support for Students: We recognize that this unprecedented situation creates many kinds of hardships for students. In some cases, this is a timing issue - that is, monies budgeted to be spent in May for travel are needed now. In other cases, we recognize that students may incur incremental costs as a result of this unfortunate disruption.

As a result, the College is providing a $300 move-out credit for each student who is a) enrolled this semester b) was living on campus and c) has to move back home as a result of the coronavirus. You can use this money for travel expenses, including plane tickets or the cost of shipping your belongings home. There is no form to fill out, and you don’t have to submit invoices or receipts. Please note than the $300 move-out credit is in addition to the prorated room and board refund announced on March 13. The College is currently finalizing the process by which it will administer prorated room and board refunds.

Timing of Credits: On March 18, the Business Office posted a $300 credit to the individual accounts of 1,224 students who were living on campus and have had to move because of the coronavirus. For students still engaged in the petition process, the credit will appear in their account the week of 3/23 if they end up moving off campus.

How to Request a Refund: Once the credit has been posted, to access the $300 you’ll need to go into myOxy and request a refund. (This is the easiest way for the College to quickly handle a refund on this scale.) Here’s how:

  • Before you go online, make sure you have your banking information set up as an eRefund account within your eBill.

  • To add your banking information or review your account, login to myOxy, go to the “Student Services” tab, go to “my eBill” and click on “Refunds” on the top menu bar. You will need your bank account number and bank routing number if you are entering this information for the first time.

  • To submit a refund request, login to myOxy, go to the “Student Services” tab and click on “Refund Request - Student Accounts.” Then select “eRefund” as the method for receiving your refund.

  • Your refund will be transferred into your bank account in 2-3 business days. 

If you have any questions, call Yady Barajas in the Student Accounts Office at (323) 259-2610 or email her at stuaccts@oxy.edu.