The current travel policy update remains in place for the duration of the Spring 2022 semester, including spring break. See below to learn how Occidental will expand options for Summer 2022 as circumstances allow.

All Occidental College travelers should evaluate the risks of U.S. and international travel during the pandemic and consider the CDC’s COVID Travel Recommendations (including Presidential proclamations) and regulations prior to participation.

Due to highly fluid conditions of the pandemic, frequent and swift border closures, additional testing requirements, extended quarantines and/or new requirements to contain the spread of COVID 19, Occidental will approve only certain types of international travel by students for College funding. This is intended to enhance student safety and limit the loss of College resources.

Occidental funding including outside grants or department funds may only be allocated to fully vaccinated students (no vaccine exemptions permitted) participating in either of two types of international programs:

1. Occidental faculty-supervised research/creative/community based projects: Oxy faculty-member must be present on-site to supervise for the duration of the project. The faculty member assumes responsibility for all “program” elements listed below. T3 and Resident faculty only.

2. Organized program: Established international research, internships, community-based learning, and study abroad experiences that operate within the context of an organized program with adequate health and safety infrastructure and travel protocols. Such programs may not be set up for an individual on a one-time, incidental basis.

Both faculty-facilitated projects and organized programs must include the following elements:

  • Located in countries rated level 1 or 2 by the Department of State. Level 3 or 4 ratings will only be considered due to COVID conditions, not other threats. See the April 23, 2021 update for background.
  • Accountable on-site staff members (or Oxy faculty-member, if option 1) specifically tasked with overseeing student success including health and safety.
  • Durations no less than 3 weeks due to the possibility of on-site quarantines/isolation.
  • Clearly defined project/program goals and student learning objectives.
  • Facilitated housing placement.
  • Pre-departure travel and visa guidance.
  • College approved medical and accident insurance.
  • On-site orientation to local conditions, resources, health & safety.
  • Published policies and procedures including:
    • participant code of conduct,
    • health and safety protocols,
    • COVID policies,
    • 24/7 emergency/crisis response procedures.

Responsibilities of Funding Departments:

  • Departments are responsible for initial screening to ensure that programs meet the established criteria.
  • Departments are strongly encouraged to consult with IPO prior to notifying selected candidates.
  • Departments agree to withhold funding until the recipient completes the IPO clearance/pre-departure process, including COVID waiver & release, etc.
  • Departments agree that it may not be possible to recover department funds due to canceled flights, quarantine, additional testing, loss of meaningful experience, travel delays, etc. Any efforts at recovery are the responsibility of the funding department.