As students who have been specially approved to live on campus prepare to return in the spring, there are a number of things we are asking them to do in advance of their arrival. The College also wants to make them aware of the expectations for being on campus this spring.

It’s important to note that Los Angeles currently has a stay-at-home order due to a surge in COVID-19 cases, which also contributes to a strain on medical resources in the region. Taking into account the increase in cases that typically occur after holiday gatherings and travel, it is expected that the surge will continue well into January. I ask you all to pay close attention to the state of the pandemic in Los Angeles. If you do not absolutely need to be on campus in early January, you may want to consider moving back to campus at a later date when the current surge is expected to ease.  REHS will be sending you an email this week with details regarding a second move-in period of January 31 - February 1.

Regardless of when you move to campus, we want to make you aware of the guidelines and protocols to follow prior to your arrival on campus - as well as what the health and safety requirements will be once you arrive. We have put a number of measures in place for your safety and the safety of others in the community:

  • Before you arrive, quarantine at home for 14 days before travel. Quarantine includes staying at home with only the individuals you live with, isolating from individuals in the home who are sick, and only leaving the home for essential medical activities.

  • For the two weeks during your pre-arrival quarantine, you are required to complete the mandatory daily health check every day. The daily health check can be found on your my.oxy dashboard and should be done in the mornings before you start your day. 

  • No more than 72 hours before arrival, you are required to get a COVID-19 test. If you test positive, please remain home for 10 days or, if symptomatic, after symptoms have abated for at least 24 hours without medication. Please bring your negative test to Emmons at your return testing appointment.

  • Upon arrival to campus at your scheduled date and time, you will go directly to Emmons for a rapid test and health screen. Individuals who test positive for COVID-19 will isolate in Berkus Hall for 10 days, which will include meal delivery and daily medical check-ins. Those who do not bring a negative test will also need to go to Berkus Hall for isolation. Those with a negative test will be sent to their assigned room for a 7 day quarantine. During this period you will only be allowed to leave your room to use the restroom and walk to and from the dining hall to get your meals.

  • At the end of quarantine you will get another COVID test. If negative you will be released from quarantine. If positive, you will need to continue in isolation in Berkus Hall for an additional 10 days.

  • After quarantine, all students are required to get tested twice weekly. Students will have the opportunity to choose their testing times on Monday/Thursday or Tuesday/Friday. Students may not miss their testing date, but may reschedule (for the next day) in advance up to three times. 

  • All students are required to complete the mandatory daily health check every day. If you are not going to be on campus for an extended period, students must notify Emmons in advance. Return from travel may require an additional quarantine.

When we meet to do your first test, we will review all of the guidelines for your spring semester on campus. Until then, please feel free to email me any questions you may have.

Be well,

Sara Semal, LPCC
Senior Director 
Emmons Wellness Center