Fundraising/IA Data Requests

All faculty, students, and staff interested in soliciting gifts from individual donors, corporations, or foundations must submit a request to the Vice President, Institutional Advancement, for approval before any solicitation is made.

Prior to this submission, faculty must first contact the Dean of the College; students and student organizations must contact the Dean of Students; and staff members must contact the Director of Human Resources.  For endorsement information on fundraising policies, please contact Dennis Collins, Senior Vice President for Institutional Advancement, at (323) 259-2961.

Compliance with this policy is essential to ensure accounting standards are met and to ensure all donors receive the proper tax credit for their gifts.

For Institutional Advancement data requests, please contact Regan Remulla, the Associate Director of Advancement Services, at (323) 259-2970.  Applicants will be asked to submit a request form for approval and to sign a confidentiality/single-use agreement.  Requests require at least two weeks advance notification.