Please join us for senior comps poster presentations from the class of 2022.

6 Dec
4:15 pm - 6:00 pm
Add to Calendar 2023-06-02 15:32:38 2023-06-02 15:32:38 Computer Science Senior Comps Presentations Please join us for senior comps poster presentations from the class of 2022. Lower Herrick Occidental College America/Los_Angeles public
Event Date: Dec. 6, 2021

Student Presenters:

  • Amaryllis Argueta: Creating Meaningful Virtual Spaces: Reimagining the Occidental College Disorientation Guide through Unity
  • Aarushi Arora: Los Angeles Community Fridges
  • Hector Baez: Automating Data Extraction from Document Images
  • Olivia Baldwin-Geilin: Greenspaces: Accessing the Outdoors Made Easy
  • Layal Bata: Cognitively Modeling the Two Systems Account of Theory of Mind Using Analogy
  • Bryce Boyle: Landlord Lookup Web Application for Tenant Transparency
  • Jennifer Cano: Learning a Language through the Use of Pop Culture References
  • Maxie Castaneda: Character Build and Weapon Upgrade in Blood, Sweat, and Tears
  • Rayhon Choudhry: Using Agent-Based Modeling to Simulate Heterogeneity in Investment Strategies in Financial Markets
  • Daniel de Leon: Automated Running Form Feedback Using AI Powered Pose Estimation
  • Dyani Dillard: Deep Learning to Detect Melanoma in Different Skin Types
  • Dylan Edwards: Exploration of Architectural Tactics and Patterns of Micro-Services and Cloud Native Solutions
  • Nick Escobar: Branches: A Game of Choice and Agency
  • Chelsea Fell: COVID Tracking App
  • John Gayden: Invasion of Privacy: How Social Media Surveillance Products Impact Marginalized Communities in the US?
  • Myles Hultgren: Breaking Conventions in Gaming
  • Grey Hutchinson: Acoustic Neural Networks to Find Elusive Species
  • Amy Kim: A Text-Based Game of Uno
  • Anna Kim: Oxy Book Exchange
  • Jason Lee: Semi-Automated Essay Grader Using Machine Learning Techniques
  • Jessica Li: OxyTradePost Web App
  • Anaiah Little-Diop: To be Seen by the Forest: A Digital Interactive Horror Comic
  • Toros Margaryan: Constructing an Efficient Algorithm to Find All Magic Squares of an Arbitrary Size n
  • Ali Mian: Can AI be Held Morally Responsible?
  • Scott Morris: Attempting Balanced Racial Accuracy in Facial Recognition
  • Anna Nefedenkova: Simulation of Chemical Reaction Pathways and Reaction Rates Calculation Using Matrix Representation
  • Hil Oglesby: A New Way to Learn how to Sing
  • Michael Phaneuf: Designing and Building a Full-Stack Web Application: Court Report
  • Jasmine Reyes: Life in American Quarantine
  • Joey Rose: Novel Architecture Design for Updating Large, Real-Time Geospatial Datasets
  • Gwen Sarapata: Traffic Light Detection
  • Kailen Shinmoto: Basketball Analytics for NBA Roster Constriction
  • Jack Stark: RISC-V Compliant Vector/Graphics Hardware
  • Nate Steckel: ARG Oriented Game Design
  • Daniel Torres: The 2020 Presidential Election and COVID Deaths
  • Sunny Yu: Convolutional Malware Classification with Attention
  • David Zhang: Machine Learning: Predicting the Outcome of a Tennis Match to Maximize Betting Profits
  • Sherwin Zhang: Sonatina: Music Composition through a Dual-Screen Web Application
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