Occidental College will be the principal destination for a distinctive urban liberal arts experience, one that uniquely engages the full potential of global Los Angeles at its doorstep. With a commitment to academic excellence, equity and justice, immersive student learning and an innovative pedagogy that creates meaningful opportunities for hands-on research and practical experience, Occidental prepares our graduates to lead fulfilling lives of impact.

In developing a strategic plan, we articulate a shared vision for the future of the College that will orient our collective efforts and identify the objectives, strategies, and initiatives that will lead us to realize this vision. The Occidental Promise sets out to make the College, by 2030, the principal destination for the “urban” liberal arts experience. The Occidental Promise will further our commitment to delivering an exceptional liberal arts education by strategically creating new harmonies among academic training, real-world experience and social impact. In constructing the Oxy Promise, we will build on our strengths, uphold our values, foreground our mission, and determine forward-minded initiatives that elevate the college and enable it to prosper.  

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