Student-led Event: The Seven Deadly Seas

The Seven Deadly Seas musical tells the swashbuckling love story between James and Margaret, a pirate and a princess. Their unlikely romance is threatened by Captain Dagon, the Devil’s henchman, who makes Faustian bargains and twisted promises, condemning the lives of all people involved. This original story is inspired by pirate films from the Golden Age of Hollywood and the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, and takes the treasured enemies to lovers trope but adds a dark twist through themes of revenge, betrayal, good vs. evil, and death.

Glee Club | Pops Concert

Live in the Booth Courtyard and broadcast on YouTube.



Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In (from Hair) - Rado/Ragni/MacDermott

Isabel Friedl & Sofia Delgado, soloists


Misbehavin’ – Hoying/Grassi

Gavin Griswold, Audra Baruch, & Charlotte de Mita, soloists


Lift Me Up – Fenty/Göransson/Openiyi/Coogler

Lily Abha Cratsley & Sarah Sturdevant, soloists