Talk by Nadia Chernyak, University of California, Irvine

One of the most critical societal issues is our perpetuation of inequalityOne important quandary, however, is that while humans agree that equality is important, they continue to endorse and perpetuate existing inequalities. This talk presents some developmental evidence for why this may be the case. In particular, this talk presents data suggesting that our understanding equality and inequality follow distinct developmental trajectories and are underpinned by separate underlying cognitive mechanisms.

Talk by Vanessa Angélica Villarreal, Poet, Essayist and Chekwube Danladi, Occidental College Writer-in-Residence

Chekwube Danladi is the author of Semiotics (University of Georgia Press, 2020), winner of the Cave Canem Poetry Prize, and, Take Me Back, included in the New Generation African Poets chapbook boxset. She has received support from Kimbilio Fiction, the Lambda Literary Foundation, Hedgebrook, the Vermont Studio Center, the Wisconsin Institute for Creative Writing, the Rona Jaffe Foundation, and elsewhere.

Philosophy Dept. Talk by Dr. William Lycan, University of Connecticut

When S believes that P, the content of S's belief is that P.  But for other “propositional” attitudes, the respective notions of content vary considerably.  This paper looks at desire, and at a series of increasingly grave reasons for doubting that desire is propositional in the straightforward way belief is.  I will agree with doubters that desire content works differently from belief content in each of several important ways, but argue in the end that the differences should not be expressed by saying that desire is not propositional at all.  Along the way there is a discussion of

Health Professions Panel

Guest speakers from various health professions will share their background, education, training, and a sneak peek at the work they do in their respective roles as clinicians. Mia Mattioli, MD from Huntington Hospital (Pasadena) will moderate the discussion. Attendees will have time to ask questions and further explore health careers.