Experiencing the UN: Learning, UNlearning, Relearning

Kahane United Nations Speaker Series Presents: Racial and Social Justice in Perilous Times

Moderated by Jacques Fomerand, Assistant Director of the United Nations Program. The event will feature participants of the fall 2020 Kahane UN Program who will share their experiences working with UN missions and agencies, including on issues relating to racial and social justice.

Meeting ID: 816 8024 0456
Passcode: Kahane

CTSJ's The Matrix - Director & Screenwriter Christine Swanson - Black Women in Hollywood Series

A Detroit native, visionary storyteller and multiple award-winning filmmaker, Christine Swanson earned her MFA in Film from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, one of the nation’s top-ranked graduate film programs. CNN identified Christine as one of the most promising filmmakers to emerge from NYU’s graduate film program since Martin Scorsese, Ang Lee, Oliver Stone, and Spike Lee (Christine’s NYU directing teacher). Christine also earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Notre Dame, double majoring in Communications and Japanese.