Many Thanks

By Dick Anderson

As five retiring faculty take their classroom curtain calls, we asked a few prized pupils to toast their Oxy mentors

Linda Lyke

Professor of Art and Art History | Years at Oxy: 46

“I marvel at the degree to which she nurtured my creativity. Although I knew I wanted to be an artist, she saw more than I could see in myself.”
Kenturah Davis ’02

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Lynn Mehl

Professor of Kinesiology and Psychology | Years at Oxy: 45

“I can trace much of what I know about teaching and mentorship back to Dr. Mehl: Care about the whole person and provide a variety of opportunities.”
Jennifer (Wright) Bea '96

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Susan Gratch

Professor of Theater and Performance Studies | Years at Oxy: 37

“Susan not only taught us how to conceive, collaborate, and realize designs for the theater, she also demonstrated the curiosity of a lifelong learner, and the consummate professionalism of a working artist.”
Adrian Jones ’93

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Dennis Eggleston

Professor of Physics | Years at Oxy: 35

“In a field as tough as physics, I was lucky to have a mentor who was patient, encouraging, and approachable.”
Kayla Currier ’17

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Thomas Burkdall

Associate Professor of Writing and Rhetoric | Years at Oxy: 31

“His gifted teaching, endless patience, and constant encouragement were abiding gifts that he offered to all students who wanted to become better writers and analysts.”
Lois Brown ’01

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