Facts and figures pertaining to all things Oxy


Student scholars presenting their work August 3 during Oxy's daylong Summer Research Conference, in the form of 20-minute talks and poster presentations on campus. Topics ranged from carcinogenic liver flukes in Thailand to wage theft to the search for dark matter.


Domestic box office (through ­August 17) of Finding Dory, produced by Oscar winner Lindsey Collins '94—the highest-grossing animated film of all time (unadjusted for inflation).


Percentage of "real food" (defined as edibles that are locally sourced, organic, and humanely produced) purchased by Oxy, according to the latest Real Food Challenge audit—double the amount just one year ago. Dining Services' goal: 30 percent  sustainable food by 2020.


PokéStops on the Oxy campus (but if you're glued to your cellphone while you're reading this, you know that already). Gotta catch 'em all!