Guest Instagrammers show the vibrancy of campus life

Instagram has proven to be a great medium for depicting the vibrancy of campus life at Occidental. In early October, the College created the #oxythroughmyeyes hashtag and invited five students to take over Oxy's main account ( The only requirement was that they promote the hashtag on their own Instagram pages and document the events of a typical day. The results proved to be as dynamic as the students themselves—and since then, a number of professorial posters have shared their impressions as well. #followOxyonInstagram

Above images, top row:

1. "One of the best things about Oxy: the Eagle Rock Target," writes Soraya Sebghati '16, left (shown shopping with Marissa Feldman '16).

2. John O'Neill '14 photographs his RA, Will Huang '16, in his room in Haines Hall ("aka Obama's old dorm"—as if you couldn't tell).

3. Biking from the Highland Park Gold Line station to Oxy, UEPI's Mark Vallianatos saw Daniel ­Martinez '14, a student in his Streets class, at a taco truck near York Boulevard with his bike.

4. Alex LaRosa '15, right, listens to some Beyonce while pondering life's questions and do­ing homework with roommate Jasmine Hulett '15.

Bottom row:

1. Adjunct assistant professor Viktor Grigoryan performs chalkboard calculus in Jack Nelson '17's 9:30 a.m. class in Fowler Hall.

2. Sofia Polio '16, an urban and environmental policy major from Portland, Ore., enjoys iced tea and a reading on public health in Brazil.

3. "Treadmill desks are super cool to everyone 30 and older and incredibly lame to everyone else," writes assistant biology professor and guest Instagrammer John McCormick.

4. Adrienne Ruth '15, a diplomacy and world affairs major studying abroad in Freiburg, Germany, shares the view from her daily walk to class: "I love this city, even in the rain."

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