Voices Carry
A world removed from its original dormitory broadcasts, KOXY thrives in the digital age with an eclectic mix of music and chatter
Banner Year
Margaret Gallagher '13 brings an eye for nature and a touch of whimsy to a street campaign marking Oxy's Eagle Rock centenary
Facts and figures pertaining to all things Oxy
John Guzman Aguilar '15 runs to All-American glory; Rick Cole '78 assumes a new role in L.A. City Hall; a survey of the surviving works of silent movie cowboy Fred Thomson 1910; and more.
Codeword: Diversity
A group of faculty and students call for a renewed commitment to Oxy's mission of excellence and equity
Mixed Media
Memoirs by Susan Hamilton '65 and Randy Jurado Ertll '95; an examination of China's emerging rural crisis by assistant professor of history Alexander Day; and piano doctor Richard Davenport...
Professor Alan Freeman '66 M'67 and actress Joanna Hall Gleason '72 pay tribute to their friend and mentor, Omar Paxson '48
Take a Bow
Paralympian archer Ashlee Sheppard '11 raises her game to the world stage
Thinking Outside the Bottle
A campus-wide focus on water may have ­compelled a few Oxy students to break the rules in a competition between residence halls. But it's also provoked a serious conversation about Earth's...
After the Perfect Storm
A combination of economic, demographic, and social factors precipitated Oxy's endowment woes throughout the 1990s. Now the balance sheet is far better—but the College has a long way to go to...
Acclaimed and unsettling, Blackfish is a high-water mark for documentary filmmaker Gabriela Cowperthwaite '93. What does its success bode for her career—and what will the fallout be for...
Forever Omar
With a resume as a playwright, director, actor, and professor, the late Omar Paxson '48 created enough memories to sell out a lifetime of Summer Drama Festivals. Still, his greatest legacy...