The Oxy Assessment Microgrant Program was created to assist faculty and staff in assessing student learning.

This program invites faculty and staff submit a proposal which demonstrates one of the key assessment factors we are examining for the year. The proposal must contain an assessment project in action or completed along with data and an action plan. Faculty and staff receive monetary rewards, incentives for students, or support staff for data analysis, for their participation in the microgrant program. The program ends with a culminating event during which faculty and staff present their projects and results to a panel of assessment leaders and receive feedback.

2019-2022 Microgrant Program (on Hiatus)

2018-2019 Microgrant Recipients

  1. Broderick Fox (Media Arts and Culture)
  2. Carmel Levitan (Cognitive Science)
  3. Cherena Walker (Hameetman Career Center)
  4. Clair Morrissey (Philosophy Department) and Clarasophia Gust (Student, Biology Major)
  5. Heather Lukes (Critical Theory and Social Justice)
  6. Jacob Sargent (Center for Digital Liberal Arts)
  7. Janet Morris (Undergraduate Research)
  8. Jim Herr (Registrar)
  9. Kathryn Leonard (Computer Science)
  10. Kirsten Wandschneider (Economics)
  11. Kristi Upson-Saia (Religious Studies)
  12. Lan Chu (Diplomacy and World Affairs)
  13. Lesley Chiou (Economics)
  14. Luci Masredigan (Dean of Students Office - Disability Services and Student Support)
  15. Mitchell Johnson (Student, Biochemistry Major)
  16. Yovanna Cifuentes (Center for Digital Liberal Arts)
  17. Rhonda Brown (Inclusion and Equity)
  18. Julie Prebel (Writing and Rhetoric)

2017-2018 Microgrant Recipients

  1. John Liu (Sociology)
  2. Kirsten Wandschneider (Economics Department)
  3. Yovanna Cifuentes-Goodbody (Center for Digital Liberal Arts)
  4. Clair Morrissey (Philosophy)
  5. Jacob Alden Sargent (Center for Digital Liberal Arts)
  6. Kathryn Leonard (Computer Science)
  7. Ella Turenne (Office of Community Engagement)
  8. Vivian Santiago (Dean of Students Office)
  9. Luci Masredjian (Disability Services, Dean of Students Office)
  10. Carmel Levitan (Cognitive Science)
  11. Julie Prebel (Writing and Rhetoric)
  12. Sasha Day (East Asian Languages and Cultures)
  13. Valerie Lizarraga (Partnership for Community Engagement)                  
  14. Celia Ruiz (Facilities Management)
  15. Tiffany Feng (Facilities Management)

2016-2017 Microgrant Recipients

  1. Clair Morrissey (Philosophy)
  2. Mary Christianakis (Critical Theory & Social Justice)
  3. Sharla Fett and Maryanne Horowitz (History)       
  4. Kristi Upson-Saia (Religious Studies)
  5. Brian Kim (Psychology)
  6. Jacob Sargent (Center for Digital Liberal Arts)
  7. Thomas Wesley (Residential Education and Housing Services)
  8. Vivian Santiago (Dean of Students Office - Student Affairs Assessment Committee, Academic Probation)
  9. Luci Masredjian (Dean of Students Office - Disability Services)
  10. Amy Lyford (Art and Art History)
  11. Erica Ball (American Studies)
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