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Occidental College understands its educational goals as an evolving dynamic commitment: they are the basis for assessment, subject to constant re-evaluation and re-imagining. Within this culture of self-aware and rigorous critique, our interdisciplinary approach to the liberal arts promotes student achievement of five college-wide learning goals and outcomes. These include:

  1. Synthesis of ideas across broad areas of knowledge within the liberal arts
  2. Linkage of theory and practice within group and self-directed research leading to intellectual or creative contributions
  3. Mastery of essential content, methods, concepts and technical aspects of an academic discipline
  4. Development of key intellectual skills:
    • Analytic inquiry and problem solving
    • Communication through writing, oral presentation, and creative expression
    • Critical reading, writing, and thinking
    • Critical Self-Awareness
    • Ethical Reasoning
    • Analysis of media and images
    • Quantitative reasoning
    • Scientific methodology
  5. Capacity for active intellectual community engagement:
    • Community learning, participation, and service
    • Ethical reasoning and action
    • Global, intercultural and socio-political awareness
    • Leadership and collaboration
    • Personal well-being
    • Respectful engagement with diverse perspectives
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