Helpful information on cash advances.

  • Only employees of the College are eligible for cash advances. NO cash advances will be given to any student.
  • A cash advance request made on behalf of another employee will not be processed.  The individual to whom the check will be paid to must sign his/her own cash advance request form.  If the requestor can not sign the request form due to being physically away from the college, s/he may send an email to the person requesting the cash advance on their behalf to attach to the cash advance request form.  The email must include the amount being requested. 
  • Approval will only be accepted from the appropriate signature authority over the fund's budget.
  • The deadline for submitting a cash request is 5:00pm on Friday to receive it by Friday of the following week.  Your check can be picked up from the Accounts Payable Office.
  • Cash advance requests must be for anticipated expenses over $100.
  • An advance will not be given more than 30 days prior to the time the employee has the expense.  For airline travel, an advance will not be given more than 60 days prior to the airline travel.

To clear a cash advance:

  1. Submit the Expense Reimbursement Form  with appropriate original expense receipts
  2. Submit a banner Cashiering receipt from the Business Office for any amount left unspent
Contact Business Office
AGC Administrative Center

Rooms 100, 114, 117
1600 Campus Road M-20
Los Angeles, CA 90041