In certain emergency situations, seeking interior sources of shelter are more desirable actions than building evacuations or otherwise remaining in spaces external to campus buildings.

A shelter-in-place command may be given for several incident types, such as a severe weather emergency, an environmental emergency (chemical release/plume), or a high severity law enforcement emergency (active shooter/hostile intruder). Should such a command be given, take the following actions:

  • Stay inside the building you are in, even if you do not normally work or reside in that building. If you are outdoors, proceed to the nearest accessible building. Terminate any classes, athletic activities, work/business operations. If there are visitors or other members of the public around you, invite them to follow your lead.

  • For severe weather emergencies, move to areas away from glass windows, shelving, and any other unsecured equipment that could become dislodged, and take refuge in supported building archways, or under desks/chairs.

  • For environmental emergencies, close windows and terminate any source of fresh-air ventilation to the greatest extent that you can.

  • For high severity law enforcement emergencies, secure yourself/others to the greatest extent possible, or RUN/HIDE/FIGHT in a “shots fired" active shooter situation.

  • Be prepared to go to more secure locations as directed by College personnel, and do not leave the building or secured area until and unless told to do so. 

Contact Campus Safety 24/7
Facilities Management Building

Fire, Paramedics, & Police: 911
(or 9-911 from a campus phone)
Northeast Community Police Station

Contact us through the LiveSafe app