Student responsibilities for exam accommodations in the Testing Center (located in the Academic Commons).

Testing accommodations for exams allow students with disabilities to fairly represent their knowledge and skills while mitigating the impact of disability-related impairments. There are several different types of accommodations that may be suggested based on the academic environment, the course objectives, and the abilities of the student.  Arranging and providing accommodations is an interactive process between the student, faculty member, and staff of the Disability Services Office.

Login to to register for an account and make an appointment. Select 'Proctored Exams'. Select exam date with your additional time. Fill out course name, professor, and any special instructions
  • You must schedule your exam 7 days prior to your exam date. Please note the Testing Center is open from 9am-5:30pm and any exams outside of business hours must be scheduled at an alternate time based on professor's approval.
  • Prior to the exam, you should ask your professor whether you need to come to the classroom to pick up the exam or whether the exam will be waiting for you at Disability Services. If you don't learn this information in advance, you could arrive at DS at the test time, only to learn you first need to go to the classroom.
  • If you are late notifying Disability Services of an exam date due to the professor's late notice to you, you remain eligible for your exam accommodations. You must have your professor contact Disability Services to verify this situation. In all other circumstances, less than 7 calendar days notice to DS of your intention to take an exam with additional time will likely result in the requirement that you take the exam under the same conditions as others taking the course.
  • Please notify Disability Services in a timely manner if you need to change or cancel an appointment. Rescheduling an exam still needs to fall within one week’s notice.
  • You must come to the testing appointment prepared with the necessary supplies such as a scantron, bluebook, pen, pencil, scratch paper, etc. You must arrive on time for DS-proctored exams. If you are late, you will not be given extra time at the end of the exam to make up lost minutes.
  • You must arrive for your testing appointment at the time you have scheduled online. Especially during finals week, rooms will not be held for longer than 1 hour if you have not yet arrived.
  • You understand that all computers being used in Disability Services during testing are being monitored.  Internet usage is strictly prohibited while taking exams with DS. This includes deletion of internet browser history.  Mobile devices are not allowed in testing rooms. Any violations of this policy will be reported to your professor and consequences may include a failing grade on the exam and possible disciplinary action.
  • You must follow Occidental’s Code of Student Conduct and the College Shared Academic Integrity Commitment at all times. Disability Services staff will report any and all incidents in which academic integrity may have been compromised to the instructor and/or Judicial Examiner for resolution.

You and your professor will receive an email from the exam proctor confirming your exam time with any additional arrangements a few days prior to the exam. If you have additional questions regarding the appointment system, please contact the Department Coordinator at (323) 259-2545 or email

Last updated August 2022

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