Students who need supplementary notes as a result of a documented disability may be permitted to use note-taking services for class lectures. The note-taking service supplements students' participation in class and is not meant to replace class attendance.

Procedures for Acquiring a Note-Taker

  1. Students who meet the guidelines for a note-taker will be approved for the accommodation during their annual meeting with a Disability Services team member.
  2. The student will identify the class(es) for which they would like the note-taker.
  3. The Disability Services team  member will send an email to the students in each class instructing those who are interested in being a note-taker to apply for the position. 
  4. Student note-takers will be trained to deliver a copy of their notes to Library, Room 26, in the ground floor of the Academic Commons in a timely manner.
  5. The note-takers are a paid position and will be held accountable for the quality and timeliness of their delivery of the notes.
  6. Confidentiality for the student requesting a note-taker is maintained throughout this process.

Responsibilities of Student Requesting Note-Taking Accommodations

  1. Students are  responsible for notifying the Disability Services Team Member when they drop or withdraw from a class.
  2. Students are responsible for attending class and taking notes.  The notes provided by the note-taker are designed to supplement the notes that the student takes in the class.
  3. Students are responsible for picking up the notes from Library, Room 26, in the ground floor of the Academic Commons on a weekly basis.
  4. Students are responsible to inform the Disability Services team member of any problems with the note-taking service in a timely manner.

Last updated August 19, 2014