Recording Lecture Agreement & Policy

When using any recording device in class:


A student with a qualifying disability must be registered with the Disability Services Office. The student must provide the appropriate documentation to Disability Services pertaining to the disability. If the student’s accommodation includes recording lecture, the student will review and sign this agreement and send it to their instructor, along with their accommodation letter.

A student who meets the criteria for an accommodation to be able to record lecture may do so for their personal study use only. Class lectures as presented are the intellectual property of the professor and are protected under federal copyright laws and therefore may not be published. Recordings cannot be shared or transferred by any method currently available or any method which may become available in the future. Recordings may not be uploaded to file-sharing sites, posted on the web or to any form of social media, provided to journalists, or shared in any other way. Comments made by classmates are their own intellectual property, and are therefore not to be recorded. When classmates begin speaking, the student with the accommodation must stop their recording.

The individual being recorded needs to give their permission prior to the recording. Student are required to have a conversation with their instructors to obtain their permission at the start of the semester or as soon as possible thereafter. Any personal comments made in class that do not pertain directly to course content may not be recorded. The student will delete the recorded materials in any and all formats within 10 days from the completion of the term for the course. Failure to comply with any of these terms may result in disciplinary action subject to the student Code of Conduct.

If approved by Disability Services staff, a copy of this recording lecture agreement will be attached to the student’s academic accommodation letter.