Registering for Services

Students must follow the procedures below to register for accommodations.

Students may request accommodations and/or services at any time while enrolled at Occidental College; however, it is recommended that students register for services and accommodations prior to, or within the first two weeks of, the semester commencing. All requests will be evaluated by the Dean of Students Office. Accommodations and services are determined on a case-by-case basis.

To register for accommodations, submit a Request for Accommodations form or call the Disability Services Office at (323) 259-2969.

For short-term disability accommodation needs due to injury, please fill out this request form.

Registration Procedures

  1. As students begin their studies at Occidental College, they will receive a New Student Packet. These entering students are required to submit a Request for Accommodations form and appropriate documentation to the Disability Services Team. All current students requesting accommodations for the first time must initiate the approval process by either submitting documentation to the Disability Services Team or participating in an appointment with such an administrator.
  2. All students, both new and returning, must meet with a Disability Services administrator each academic year to determine eligibility and/or to receive approval for accommodations and services.
  3. Students approved for academic accommodations and services will be sent an Accommodation Letter in pdf format via email to print and submit to and/or forward to their professors. The Accommodation Letter lists students' approved accommodations, but does not include clinical or diagnostic information.
  4. Students are responsible for showing their Accommodation Letter to their professors at the beginning of each semester. It is expected that students will discuss the implementation of their accommodations with their professors in a timely manner.


Last updated: June 6, 2016