Facilities Management

Facilities Management is located just below the McKinnon Family Tennis Center. Our team serves the Oxy community through dedicated care for the campus environment in the following areas:

  • Utilities - HVAC (Heating, Ventiliation, Air-Conditioning), Boilers, Electrical, Plumbing
  • Building Maintenance - Painting, Carpentry, Locksmith
  • Grounds Maintenance - Landscaping, Irrigation, Athletic field maintenance, Trash and recyclables pickup
  • Cleaning Services
  • Stockroom
  • Event support
  • Work Center - Work order processing, dispatching, PO/Invoice processing
  • Rental home maintenance
  • Vehicle Rental Program/Authorized Driver Program
  • Planning, Design, and Construction
  • Sustainability

Work Request Forms

You can use these online forms to make requests of the Facilities staff:

Our Mission Statement

Creating and caring for the College’s physical environment through outstanding service consistent with our six core values.

Advancing the College’s Mission through dedicated care for the campus environment.

Build, Maintain, Care

Core Values
• Working as a team to get results and keep good people
• Healthy debate of differing approaches to issues, honoring the perspectives of staff and stakeholders alike
• Sharing knowledge, learning and building consensus

• Applying ethically responsible standards to all decisions
• Leading by example (internally and externally across campus)
• Earning and maintaining the respect of the campus community

• Exceeding our community’s expectations by delivering outstanding customer service
• Supporting other areas behind the scenes for the benefit of the College

• Creating and maintaining procedures to work efficiently and effectively
• Holding ourselves accountable for our own successes and failures
• Sticking to rules, but knowing when to be flexible to serve the Campus fully

• Making the most of our limited time and funding to support the Mission
• Not accepting things as we find them, always looking for ways to improve

• Always learning and training, growing and developing skills to stay current with our jobs
• Staying flexible and creative
• Keeping a positive outlook, even in the face of setbacks

Contact Facilities Management

Office Hours: 7:30 am to 4:30 pm