IR facilitates a survey schedule to systematically track the behaviors, attitudes, and sentiments of Oxy constituents. A variety of survey instruments covering strategic themes are used in rotation to enhance the reliability of the findings. 

Spring 2024 Surveys: NSSE & OXY Survey

Upcoming Fall 2024: Fall Check-In, National Health and Wellness survey, HEDS Alumni survey

Looking ahead to Spring 2025: YFCY, DLE, and CSS (the HERI surveys)

Annual Survey Calendar

June July Aug. Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec. Jan. Feb. Mar. Apr. May
2021- 2022
        HEDS Alumni          
2022 - 2023
O-ASQ     FCI Alumni Pulse         FDS
2023 - 2024
O-ASQ     FCI         NSSE     FDS
2024 - 2025
      FCI TBD- Health       YFCY     FDS
        HEDS Alumni   CSS      
2025 - 2026
      FCI Alumni Pulse         FDS
2026 - 2027
O-ASQ     FCI         NSSE     FDS

Surveys may be added to or moved on the calendar as they are approved. 

Guiding Principles of the Survey Calendar
  • Actionable data is collected in a timely manner; reflective data is collected at regular intervals.
  • Metrics are collected at key times and intervals to support assessment efforts. 
  • Internal surveys are used for efficiency, to provide flexibility, and maintain longitudinal data.
  • External surveys are used sparingly but regularly to provide benchmarking and comparisons. 
  • Data collected supports planning, assessment, and evaluation of key institutional initiatives.
Contact Institutional Research
Jackie Cameron
Director, Institutional Research and Planning