Submissions Requiring Nomination

Selection of Faculty for Limited Submission Applications that Require College Nominations

When faculty express interest in a grant opportunity that requires a nomination from the College with a restriction on the number of nominees the College can put forth, the procedure will be as follows:
1) An official call for nominations will be posted to the faculty listserv by a representative of the Dean’s office. The nomination will include information including, but not limited to:
                a) A description of the opportunity
                b) Information about the grant’s eligibility
                c) Materials needed to be considered
                d) Due date to express interest
2) Faculty must express interest to the Dean’s office representative by the posted date. A confirmation of receipt of their interest and a request for a preliminary proposal and any additional information will be promptly sent.
3) The Dean’s Office will establish a committee that includes the appropriate nominating college officers (e.g. President, Dean of the College and/or Associate Deans.) This committee will promptly convene to review preliminary materials and select the nominees.
4) Faculty will be notified in a timely manner of the selected nominees to allow for maximum time to complete their full applications. The CFR office will make themselves available to assist with applications and College approval forms (RPAS) as needed.