Authorized Driver Policy


This policy governs the creation and maintenance of a program to determine which members of the College community are eligible to drive College-owned or personal vehicles regularly on College business or in support of College programs.


This policy applies to all Occidental College faculty, staff, administrators, and students who are required to or wish to drive vehicles owned by Occidental College or drive personal vehicles regularly on College Business or in support of College Programs.


Authorized Driver - A person who has applied for and been approved to drive Occidental College vehicles and/or their personal vehicle regularly on College Business or in support of College Programs.

Authorized Driver Program – A list of requirements and procedures to become and maintain Authorized Driver status, including the procedures in place to review authorized driver applicants.

College Business – The range of conduct and activity within which an employee can reasonably be considered to be carrying out the business of Occidental College.

College Programs – Activities such as field trips, intercollegiate or club sporting events, and special programs sponsored and approved by the Office of Student Life, Residence Education and Housing Services, and other College departments. 

Persons – Includes all Occidental faculty, staff, and current students.

Procedure – A set of actions required to implement a policy.

Vehicles – Includes trucks, minivans, cars, and golf carts.


To help promote the safety of persons who drive or ride in vehicles while they are conducting College Business or traveling in support of College Programs; to protect the College from unnecessary litigation and possible financial harm; and to comply with reasonable insurance carrier requirements and recommendations, the College has established the Authorized Driver Program for determining the eligibility of and approving Authorized Drivers.

Authorized Driver Program requirements:

  1. Only persons who have applied for and have been granted Authorized Driver status may drive a College-owned vehicle or a personal vehicle regularly on College Business or College Programs.
  2. The process of applying for Authorized Driver status includes a review of each applicant’s current Motor Vehicle Report (MVR) or equivalent state agency document. The College will carefully follow all federal and state disclosure requirements related to MVR’s. Each applicant must sign all required MVR releases to apply to be an Authorized Driver.
  3. The College will rely on an applicant’s MVR to determine their eligibility.  It is the applicant’s responsibility to work with the appropriate state agency to correct report information that they regard as incomplete or incorrect.
  4. The employment status of persons whose positions require driving as an essential job duty may be adversely affected by the denial or revocation of Authorized Driver status.
  5. Based on the College’s prior loss experience, as well as insurance industry standards, students are subject to a stricter standard of Authorized Driver eligibility than employees. 
  6. There is a reasonable, clearly identified appeal process through which employees and students can present reasonable challenges to the denial or revocation of Authorized Driver status.
  7. The Risk Manager is authorized to implement the authorized driver program, periodically review program effectiveness, and make policy revisions as needed.


Responsible Officer(s): Risk Manager

Effective Date: October 1, 2011

Last Revised Date: December 13, 2023


Authorized Driver Procedures

Authorized Driver Application

Authorized Driver Appeal Process

Washington State Release Form

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