Stay on top of your financial aid by keeping informed.

Students must re-apply for need-based financial aid each academic year. Make sure you read the information provided under Re-applying for Aid.

It is important that you re-apply for financial aid on time and meet our deadlines. Students who submit application materials past the deadlines risk losing eligibility for institutional financial aid.

Our office is here to help you. We especially encourage you to speak with a financial aid counselor if:

  • you or your parent(s) have a change in financial circumstances
  • a sibling will no longer be enrolled full-time in an undergraduate program
  • you are considering becoming an RA
  • you are planning to live off-campus
  • you plan to study abroad
  • you plan to be part-time
  • you are returning from a leave of absence

If you have been awarded a named scholarship, we also have information to help you write your scholarship thank you letter.

Contact Financial Aid
Office of Financial Aid

AGC Room 119
Occidental College
1600 Campus Road F-35
Los Angeles, CA 90041-3314