The Office of Risk Management, under the direction of the Audit Committee of the Board of Trustees, works with other departments of the College to institute various types of insurance intended to protect all members of the College community. While this office oversees many lines of insurance, we are mostly responsible for Commercial Insurance (General Liability, Auto, Property, etc).

The following information gives a brief overview of what is needed to fulfill the Insurance Requirement needs of this institution.

Certificates of Insurance
All activities outside of the normal operations of the campus are subject to approval of the College and must adhere to the insurance and risk management requirements developed to protect all involved. Each event/activity is looked at separately as to what risks it may involve and requirements may change depending on the level of risk perceived.

Other Companies Contracting With Oxy
Each company or group doing business on College property (including, but not limited to: vendors, performers, caterers) must show proof of comprehensive commercial liability insurance by providing the College with a certificate of insurance. The Office of Risk Management requires the following conditions to be met on the Insurance Certificate before the vendor may come to campus. For this reason it is wise to request that they provide said certificate at least TWO WEEKS in advance of the event.

General Liability Coverage (GL)

Each company or group doing business in connection with the College must maintain comprehensive commercial general liability insurance with coverage limits of not less than $1 million per occurrence ($2 million for construction or for most entertainers) and such coverage shall be primary and written on a standard Accord Form naming Occidental College, its trustees, officers, employees, students, agents and volunteers as additional insured.  The certificate will need to be reissued if this language is not included. Furthermore, the certificate must include a Waiver of Subrogation, which is an additional form, and usually mentioned in the “Description" field of the Accord certificate along with the Additional Insured language. The carrier should have a Best Rating of A or better. A 30-day cancellation notice (rather than the customary 10 day) is preferred so please ask for this as a requirement.

Automobile Liability Coverage (Auto)
If vehicles of any kind are involved (carts, buses, transport of students etc.) auto insurance is also required with the same requirements listed above.

Workers Compensation Coverage
If employees other than Occidental employees are involved, Workers Compensation/Employers’ Liability coverage is required at State of California statutory limit requirements or better. (If State Fund is the carrier, a rating is not available).

Oxy Contracting With Other Companies
From time to time other companies welcoming Occidental-sponsored groups to their property require that the College provide an insurance certificate with the same liabilty requirements listed above.  Should your organization require that the College furnish a certificate, please obtain the specific requirements and contact info where the certificate should be sent, and contact Department of Risk Management to request the certificate. Please request at least TWO WEEKS in advance to give our insurance brokers ample time to provide the certificate.

If confusion or problems arise in working with a group, you may want to instruct them to have their insurance broker/carrier contact the Office of Risk Management directly.

For events that include transportation, are off campus for Oxy participants, include non-Oxy participants (not under employment by an off-campus entity), or hold any risk of injury, a waiver appropriate and specific to the activity must be signed by the participant and/or a parent or guardian in the case of a minor. A separate waiver must be created by the Office of Risk Management for each event. For said waiver, please contact your professor who will help you in this process.

Contact Risk Management
AGC Administrative Center

Suite 111
(co-located with the Title IX Office)