Use these site plans to plan your events!

Instructions for planning your event:

Look at the pre-approved site plans folder. Choose your location and decide whether the pre-approved plans work for you (each location may have more than one pre-approved layout). If you find one that fits your needs (consider size of venue, number of guests expected, weather, etc), do the following: 

1. Download the correct file to your computer

2. Open the file in your computer and find the correct layout for your event (consider type, number of attendees, etc)

3. Print your preferred layout

4. Fill out the two boxes for event and contact information [WRITE LEGIBLY]

5. Scan your printout and email it to

*Keep in mind that pre-approved site plans MUST be submitted and received by the Office of Risk Management 2 weeks prior to your event date.


If the pre-approved plans do not work for your event, open the customizable site plans folder. Choose your location, and follow these instructions:

1. Download the file as a pptx (powerpoint presentation), using the little gear at the bottom left corner.

2. Using the customizable site plan, create a layout for your event (see pre-approved ones for inspiration). Simply copy and paste the symbols from slide 3 onto the blank site plan and resize the pasted images to fit.

3. Fill out the contact and event information boxes. You can type these in!

4. Save the layout onto your computer and email it as an attachment to

*Keep in mind that custom site plans MUST be submitted and received by the Office of Risk Management 2 weeks prior to your event date.

Contact Risk Management
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(co-located with the Title IX Office)

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