Gabriela Gonzalez Carpio

Gabriela Gonzalez Carpio
Senior Fellow

Gabriela is a first generation student from Queens, NY. Growing up in the most ethnically and linguistically diverse borough of New York City instilled an appreciation for cross-cultural communication and a curiosity for collective human behavior, which inspired her pursuit of Sociology and Linguistics at Occidental. Gabriela studied abroad in Khon Kaen, Thailand where she practiced Thai and studied human rights issues related to Development and Globalization. On campus, Gabriela serves on the executive board of Pulse Dance Group, which offers free weekly dance classes to the Oxy community. She has also worked with Admissions as a tour guide and volunteered with Upward Bound as a mentor to first-gen students preparing for the college process. In her free time, she enjoys photography, visiting museums and exploring LA’s rich food scene.

Favorite Class
Letterpress Printing

Favorite Place on Campus
President's Garden

Favorite Place in L.A.
Point Dume

Advice for High School Seniors
If you're feeling stuck when writing college essays, keep in mind that the things that you find ordinary and overly familiar to you can be wonderfully insightful to someone who is wanting to get to know you.

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