Grace Shafer Perry ’23

Grace Shafer-Perry
Student Worker

Grace is our first-year student worker at Oxy Arts. She started working in the fall of 2019 and since has assisted in community outreach, office work, and lighting/sound/set up in our gallery and black box theater. Grace's major is currently undeclared, but she is considering black studies or critical theory and social justice, with a minor in education. She is deeply rooted in the arts, especially those including movement, and hopes to combine her studies with her passion for performance and its potential for creating change.

Grace is from Berkeley, CA, and was involved with a variety of arts programs within Berkeley schools and the greater Bay Area. Throughout high school, she was an active member of the Destiny Arts Youth Performance Company, a diverse group of teenagers based in Oakland that combine hip hop, modern and aerial dance, theater, and rap, to tell stories that stem from their lived experiences and express their visions for a world transformed. She continues to work at Destiny as a camp counselor for the center’s Summer program, passing down the tools that she received as a student there to the next generation. At Oxy, she is a member of the Dance Production Club, BSA, and enjoys taking weekly student-led Pulse classes and collaborating with the amazing artist community on campus.