Keane Tarrosa ’15

Keane Tarrosa headshot
Assistant Dean of Admission

Students I work with: First-year applicants from CO, HI, MT, ND, SD, UT, WY, and parts of CA: San Francisco, North Bay Area, and Central Coast | International first-year applicants from Southeast Asia | Transfer applicants 

Bio: Born and raised in Southern California, Keane graduated from Oxy in 2015. After moving to New York for graduate school at Columbia’s Teachers College, he decided to stay on the East Coast for a few years and begin his career in college admissions. While he loved his time in NYC, he could only resist the call of food trucks, palm trees, and beach days in January for so long. Keane is thrilled to be back at Oxy where he oversees the office's student worker program. When not working with prospective students, Keane can often be found cheering on the Tigers at on campus sporting events or frequenting some of his favorite Northeast L.A. eateries.