Peter is sitting in front of a red wall
O-team leader

Hey, you! My name is Peter (he/him), and I am a rising junior from Austria. I am pursuing a double major in Diplomacy & World Affairs and Comparative Studies in Literature & Culture, as well as a double minor in Linguistics and Economics. When I am not being studious, you will find me learning languages, jogging, working out, playing the piano, and being active in various clubs around campus. Hailing from a small village in the Alps, studying in the United States once seemed like a daunting decision for me. But just as my O-team guided me to confidence, I will likewise be a resource for you during your transition to U.S. college life. I already look forward to welcoming you to Oxy and meeting my fellow Global Tigers—feel free to contact me via email ( or phone (+1 (747) 786-9132)!