Students are responsible for knowing the following:

Occidental College uses many forms of communication to convey official College business to students. Administrators and faculty may use written documents, telephone conversations, and e-mail or web documents for this purpose. Official College business refers to all actions of the College including, but not limited to, providing general information, financial aid and billing information, registration and course information, notice of disciplinary actions, emergency alerts, and notification regarding the general administrative functions of the College. (Emergency alerts also utilize text messages and/or voicemail.)

Occidental provides an email account and a campus mailbox in the Postal Operations Center to all students when they first enroll at the College; these are recognized as official document and notification addresses for College communications. Students should check their email and mailbox regularly. To access an Occidental email account, contact Information Technology Services at or ext. 2880. To access a campus mailbox, contact the Postal Operations Center at or ext. 2894.



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