Students are responsible for knowing the following:

Statement of Relationship

Social Greek-lettered organizations at Occidental College have a long history of fostering student involvement and development. Greek organizations are founded under the principles of scholarship, community service, leadership, and friendship. The College acknowledges that fraternities and sororities can have a positive impact on the educational and social experiences of members and others in the campus community. For this to happen, there must be congruence between College goals and those of individual chapters.

By virtue of its function in granting recognition, Occidental College, through the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs, reserves the right to review the extent to which each is acting in accordance with the expressed goals and objectives of the organization and the mission and strategic plan of the College.

The College understands the need to support the fraternity and sorority community to help the groups realize their full potential.  As such, the College will provide and support an Student Leadership, Involvement, and Community Engagement (SLICE) designee sufficient to advise, educate, and provide the administrative support necessary for the ongoing development and operation of the Greek community. This designee will provide support in the following ways:

  1. Facilitate education for Greek students, particularly Greek Council Executive Board Members and chapter presidents, regarding the rules and regulations set forth in the Fraternity/Sorority Policy and Procedure Manual, the student handbook, the Statement of Relationship and the regulations set forth in the Greek Council Constitution and Bylaws.
  2. Provide relevant and effective programming; including, but not limited to risk management, chapter administration, leadership development, academic achievement and integrity, and new member education and will conduct regular assessment to gauge the effectiveness of those programs.
  3. Assist Greek chapters with all aspects of the recruitment/intake process.
  4. Serve as a communication liaison between Occidental College students, the College, chapter advisors, alumni/alumnae, faculty, staff, and local, national, and international headquarters staff.
  5. Work with the Greek Council to provide recognition and awards to the Greek community through the annual Leadership Awards Banquet.
  6. Assist, as needed, in the recruitment and selection of chapter advisors
  7. In collaboration with Greek Council will compile records and data including recruitment statistics, chapter grade reports, retention rates and chapter rosters and will share these reports with undergraduate chapters, chapter advisors, headquarters staff and other parties as needed.  
  8. Provide a supportive and positive environment for the Greek community and will advocate the needs of the Greek community to the College leadership.
  9. In conjunction with Greek Council and the Vice President for Student Affairs or their designee, will coordinate all recognition of Greek chapters.
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