Students are responsible for knowing the following:

The College will respect the privacy rights of students, and will not authorize law enforcement officials to enter rooms without a proper warrant. Room entry by College Officials is authorized under the following conditions, and the College will make a good faith effort to contact students prior to room entry. The College will, when necessary:

  1. Control the use of rooms, with medical direction, in the event of an epidemic or other medical emergency.
  2. Place a new roommate into any empty room space at any time during the academic year. Students will receive 24 hour prior notice when a new roommate will be moving into their room. After 24 hours the new roommate will be allowed full access to the room. Students may not prevent or otherwise dissuade a new roommate from moving into the room.
  3. Permit appropriate representatives of the College to enter a student’s room for regular maintenance, inspections, emergencies, or other health and safety concerns.
  4. The Dean of Students or designee may authorize entry and search of student rooms in appropriate circumstances.  The College shall reasonably attempt to give notice of a search; if the student cannot be reached and is not present during a search, they will be informed by Housing Services or designee that a search occurred and the reasons for the search.  

The College cannot prevent or prohibit the search of students’ rooms or College premises by law enforcement officers acting in the performance of their duty.  It is expected, however, that the ordinary requirements for lawful search will be followed.


Last reviewed: July, 2020


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