Airport Shuttles

Need to get to Burbank or LAX airports? The Bengal Bus offers cheap and reliable shuttles to both!

Bengal Bus airport shuttles run at the beginning and end of Fall Break, Thanksgiving Break, Winter Break, Spring Break, and the beginning of Summer.

Shuttle sign ups will be placed on Eventbrite a week before breaks. Please follow our facebook page for updates, and feel free to message us, or reach out over email at

Need a ride from the airport? Bengal Bus can do that too!

All airport trips require the students to be on time to the bus. Drivers will wait a maximum of 10 min before leaving. For airport pick-ups we will make sure your flight is on time and pick students up at their designated terminals.

$10.00 to Burbank (each way)
$15.00 to LAX (each way)

Just a reminder: spaces and times are limited, so if the Bengal Bus doesn’t match your schedule it may be a good idea to check the SuperShuttle and Prime Time websites. Both are airport shuttle services and are typically far less expensive than using a taxi service.

***Super Shuttle now offers 10% discount if you use this access code: OXYED. Use this link: