Hello Tigers! Want to explore LA, but don’t have a car? You’ve come to the right place—the SAC offers U-Pass cards!

U-Pass and TAP cards perform similar functions, but the U-Pass is free to enrolled students. We no longer fill TAP cards at the SAC Desk.

This year the SAC is using a reservation system for
1) Picking up new U-Pass cards
2) Renewing U-Pass cards for the semester

**The reservation form below will open January 22nd, 2024 which is the first day the desk will be open. Please refer to the information below if you are picking up a new card or need to renew.

New U-Pass Cards
For students obtaining new U-Pass cards, please fill out this  survey  and continue on to complete the reservation form

Renewing U-Pass Cards
For students looking to renew their U-Pass for the upcoming semester fill out the same reservation form

Once you have filled out the reservation form, please note that new cards, U-Pass and TAP cards, are delivered to the front desk at 11 am on Mondays and Wednesdays for pick up. You may also renew your card any time from 11am-5pm during our SAC Desk hours

U-Pass Group Orders

If you are looking to get U-Pass cards for a group trip, please email sac@oxy.edu 3 weeks before the date of your trip. Based on the current quantity of cards in stock, the Student Activities Center will determine how long it will take to get these cards to you. It is important to keep in mind that small groups (around 5+) will take less time than those requiring 20 or more cards. 


Contact Student Activities Center
Johnson Student Center

Lower level
Hours: Monday-Friday, 11AM-5PM