Policymakers and leading architects come together to discuss L.A.’s homelessness, housing affordability and single-family zoning. 

Event Listing
Location: Choi Auditorium

Join housing experts and some of the area’s leading residential architects for a wide-ranging discussion about the future of regional housing policy and residential architecture. Homelessness, housing affordability and the future of single-family zoning are squarely at the top of the policy agenda across California. Furthermore, Los Angeles is engaged in a growing national conversation around the relationship between good design and good housing and the legacies of redlining and exclusionary zoning. This Third L.A. event will summarize recent efforts by architects and policymakers to address these often contentious issues, as well as point the way toward future innovations.

Christopher Hawthorne, Los Angeles’ chief design officer, will moderate a discussion with Mayor Garcetti's newly named Chief Housing Officer, Amy Anderson, architects Michael Lehrer and Lorcan O’Herlihy and other distinguished guests.