We aim to close the gap between consumer and farmer needs and promote models for how farmers markets can become thriving, accessible spaces that serve  all community members.

Los Angeles is home to many thriving farmers markets, providing a valuable market opportunity for local farmers, and providing Los Angeles residents with fresh, diverse, and sustainably grown fruits and vegetables. Markets in lower-income neighborhoods struggle to survive, however, because there is a disconnect between the needs of low-income consumers and the constraints faced by local and regional farmers. Despite the potential for farmers markets to increase healthy food access, farmers markets continue to be seen as an amenity that caters to affluent customers--a trend that is exacerbated by the rapid gentrification of LA’s traditionally working class neighborhoods. 

UEPI is currently working with local farmers markets and partner organizations to:

  • Promote the acceptance of food assistance benefits at farmers markets, especially SNAP (CalFresh, EBT) and WIC vouchers.

  • Develop neighborhood-based marketing strategies that address the needs of low income customers

Our goal is to ultimately increase access to fresh produce in low-income and low-food access community while providing an enhanced market opportunity for regional farmers.

Our partners:

Highland Park Old LA Certified Farmers Market 

Lincoln Heights Certified Farmers Market 

Sustainable Economic Enterprises of Los Angeles (SEE-LA)

Los Angeles Food Policy Council-Farmers for All

Hunger Action LA


**For questions about our farmers market work, please contact Megan Bomba at bomba@oxy.edu .

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